Winding foot path
Black clouds and lightning strike
Sunshine through unfocused background

The Journey

Choosing your therapist – Your counsellor should be someone with varied life experience and who is emotionally stable enough to cope with a wide range of distress but also trained and experienced to a high level and a member of a recognised counselling body.

Counselling will never be an exact science - Sometimes the benefits gained are not obvious in the short term, but it will usually help you understand your choices and what you need to change for yourself. Human beings are incredibly unique and complex therefore counselling cannot provide a universal remedy for all life’s difficulties.

Counselling takes time and commitment - How long is up to you; anything from a few weeks to a few months or longer. You may want to negotiate time-limited reviews or work open ended. It is important to look at what suits you best. It is your choice and once the initial period is complete you will have a better idea of what you want depending on your concerns, life stage, personal development and availability.

Ending Counselling – You can end at anytime, however planned endings are very important in counselling, a chance to review and reflect on your journey thus far and consider what you have learned.

Whether you have ended your counselling or are taking a break it is usually possible to continue to build on the work that you have done with your counsellor.

What can I use my session time for – Whatever you need and here are a few things my clients find helpful:

A new way forward – you can begin your journey today, learn to understand yourself and evaluate the choices you make. With my support it is possible for you to see your world through new eyes.

Space for reflection – Finding time is frequently a challenge, our lives are hectic and we suffer from information overload. It is crucial in this modern, busy world to learn how to slow down, take stock and get a sense of your bigger picture. In allowing time for reflection, connection and consideration we ensure that we are on the right path.

Everyday Joy – Simple contentment, learn the tools to quiet your anxiety and ever-present internal critic. Learn how to be fully present and open to everyday joy.