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Counselling for Couples

We all long for the closeness and the understanding that our intimate relationships can bring. In today’s busy world the joy of this closeness within this intimate heart space is often lost as we lose contact with ourselves and each other. Our own personal struggles become entangled in our relationship and the ‘system’ becomes stuck.

We begin to work against each other rather than working together. Our safe, loving and joyful place can become a space of pain, anger and despair.

  • Want to stop fighting and start healing?
  • Do you want support to understand your relational style?
  • Are you curious to find out what is going on underneath?

Wherever your relationship is this support could benefit you.

As an experienced Counsellor I can provide a safe, creative and supportive space to couples wanting to explore their relationship and share their joys and struggles. I can offer you support and strategies to move and grow within your relationship.

Along with my training and experience I bring you my passion for working with, and in, relationship. Working in this way allows a unique and powerful opportunity for both the individual and the couple to grow and change.

I have an advanced certificate in couples therapy and I trained with Time 2 Relate. For more information please see an example of my couples counselling contract.